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Shyam Kalle

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Internationally Certified Coach with
30+ Years of Global Experience.

Do you want to …

  • Get better clarity and take smarter actions on your Goals?
  • Elevate your capabilities as a Leader?
  • Make better decisions for yourself and your Business?
  • Leverage your existing strengths, work on your weaknesses, & realize your potential?
  • Build more Productive Relationships?
  • Change careers but is confused?
  • Be the Best Version of yourself?
  • Better Manage your Emotions such as anger, nervousness, and high anxiety?
  • Get rid of health ailments such as phobias, allergies, pains, etc.?
Shyam Kalle - NLP SHYAM KALLE Success Coach & Facilitator


Shyam is a NLP Success Coach, a Leadership facilitator, and Author, who has coached and conducted workshops for hundreds of people to create sustainable behavioural changes in their lives that have had a positive impact on their goals. The highly interactive coaching sessions create an environment of trust, confidence and learning for the client and provide them to freely discuss their problems. His unique style of coaching engages them to think deeply through the issues that are holding them back, unlock and unleash their full potential, and encourage them to think out their own solutions.

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The “Unbound Transformation” is an extraordinary book which explains that it is not just the skills and capabilities that determine your success, but infact, it’s your beliefs and your mindset that controls everything that you do. You learn how you are programmed to function within what you think are your limits, but infact, there is a much bigger part of you that is waiting to be discovered.

The need today is to gear up yourself to take on the competition by embracing change, excelling in your field of work, have focussed goals to pursue, and the drive to perform. Your subconscious mind controls all what you do, the way you think and behave, and the book shows you how you can use your subconscious faculties effectively through some simple and practical techniques to follow your dreams, have productive conversations with people, strengthen your relationships, and achieve work-life balance. 

Transformation happens when you make the changes at the mental level and this can really change things for you. Learn how to remove your negative beliefs and fear, build confidence, and raise your performance levels through simple but effective and proven methods.

This book is useful to all managers, aspiring leaders, business owners, students, and anyone who is serious about bringing in a transformational change in themselves that will have a positive impact on their personal and professional life.

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