The ISRO lost communication with the Chandrayaan 2 lander Vikram just minutes before its landing on the lunar surface. (Photo: ISRO)

Chandrayan-2 Mission: Five Key Takeaways in Life and Leadership

The recent instance of Chandrayan-2 (Vikram) which managed to reach the moon destination but failed to communicate while they were just 2.1 km (3.3 miles) short, is very good learning for all of us – in Life and Leadership.

1. ISRO did everything right to get the shuttle to the moon

They followed all the processes and did all the hard work, but after traveling a distance of 3,84,000 km, what failed was the communication.

While you can possess all of the necessary skills and competencies in your area of work, communication becomes a very important ingredient in our lives. Failing to communicate properly can jeopardize the entire effort. Communicate in a way that you can get the response you want. 

2. It is perfectly fine to fail in the first attempt even you are the best brains in the country.

Often life throws up challenges at the most unexpected times. You may possess the best of skills, qualifications, and intelligence, but you can still fail in achieving an outcome, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you replace the word ‘failure’ with the word ‘feedback’, you could probably ask yourself, “What is the feedback I can get from this that, I can rectify to make it successful in the next attempt?”

You are then in a position to analyze with positive intent and work on what you could do differently in the next attempt. Often, we take failure to heart and are disappointed, but you learn a lot when you fail. What is important is the intent, the passion and you continue to maintain the focus of achieving your goals. The best in the business have learned from mistakes.

3. The entire nation came to the support of the ISRO scientists

Including several world organizations. We often wonder about the support that we would get if we do not meet the expectations of others. It’s normal to feel what people will say on a result, and how would we be perceived. Most of the times, we live in this imagination of self-deceit, and we hesitate to take action. But honest effort always gets recognized.

4. The Prime Minister of India was with the ISRO team during the crucial phase of the journey

The leader regularly monitors the progress of the project and is there to provide support to the team irrespective of the final outcome. He backs the team even when things go wrong, and lends support by motivating and encouraging them, and instills confidence to fulfill their goals.

5. ISRO scientists attempted a very difficult project

It is their first-ever attempt on the South Pole of the moon, in spite of all the obstacles and limitations they faced. Set your sights high, get into non-comfort zones, and be prepared for whatever life has to throw at you. Firm up your goals and be ready to face challenges. Every obstacle in your path is only a stepping-stone to your final outcome. 

If there’s a setback or a failure that’s draining you out, know that it doesn’t define you. And, if you have been finding it difficult to overcome, do book for career coach Shyam Kalle’s free consultation session today.

3 thoughts on “Chandrayan-2 Mission: Five Key Takeaways in Life and Leadership”

  1. Nicely written article. 95% of the work is still done by the main orbiter so the mission is a grand success. The feedback from this is the vikram needs to be more resilient. They should also have a backup communicator. They could have independent probes which could have been dispersed apart from Vikram.
    Overall I feel really proud that we are leading in the world in terms of scientific research and Vikram not communicating is part of the territory .well done ISRO!

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