Biometric Fingerprint Analysis (DMIT)

Biometric Fingerprint Analysis (DMIT)

We are frequently faced with these questions –

As Parents of kids –

Why is my child not interested in learning?
Why is my child struggling in certain subjects; what is a good way to teach & communicate?
Why is my child so active, so stubborn; can’t concentrate, or sit still; the outdoor types, etc.?

Parents of children going to high school or college –

What is the right career for my child; worried, because of low marks?  

As a Professional –
I am bored of my current job – what else could I possibly do?
I am not enjoying what I do in my present career – is this really the right one for me?
I am interested in changing my career but not sure what I want to do?
 ……..and there are many such questions that we are confronted with as we hope to get the best possible solution.

Grades are not always an indication of how good or bad a student is, as it compares students across a general platform. Each student has his/her own strengths and weaknesses, but we as parents, need to tap their true potential. As Howard Gardner says “It is not important to know how Smart I am’, but rather how am I Smart?” How would it be if Sachin Tendulkar’s parents asked him to be an Engineer? or, Lata Mangeshkar was asked to pursue Medicine?
Similarly, many of us get into careers due to certain pressures at that point in time, and had to continue due to the compulsions.
So the question that we might ask ourselves is, ‘how many of us really do justice to our natural (in-born) talents? Do we recognise these talents early enough to take action at the right time? Or, are we merely going with the ‘flow’? How good would it be if we are able to take those actions for our children early enough?

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a scientific study of finger-patterns which determine the in-born potential of a person.
Dermatoglyphics has a rich and scientific history of over 350 years and has documentation of research data and results dated 200 years back. Dr. Harold Cummins is acknowledged as the Father of Dermatoglyphics, who studied all aspects of finger-print analysis in fields as varied as anthropology, embryology and genetics. In former USSR, it was used to find talented sportsmen for Olympic Games of 1970’s. As it turned out, the USSR took home 50 gold medals in 1972 and 125 in 1976. Advanced countries such as USA, Japan and Taiwan have adopted Dermatoglyphics technology in the field of education, human resource management, recruitment and even identifying gifted children.

The DMIT Assessment method is an integration of neuroscience, medicine, genetics, psychology and behavioral science. It is based on the formation and the amount of ridges (patterns) present on the finger-prints. The finger-print patterns are formed by the 24th week of the embryo and are closely related to the infant’s brain development. The patterns on each of the fingers are connected to our brain-lobes (see picture on Brain Lobes), which determine different types of characteristics of the person.

This data is then collated into the Theory of Multi-Intelligences which states that everyone is intelligent in 8 different ways (see picture in Multiple Intelligence Test). A DMIT analysis report is prepared which provides you with insights on whether the person learns well by ‘seeing, hearing, or doing’, whether the logical skills are higher that the linguistics ones, whether musically inclined, a naturalist, has high inter-personal relations, a left brain-thinker (one who is very analytical), or a right-brain (creative or artistic-oriented), etc. This provides very good inputs on narrowing down the choices of a career that is most suitable for the person’s personality and liking.



The finger-print (DMIT) test can be conducted at any age greater than 3 years, as the finger-prints and the ridges never change throughout a person’s life. The test is conducted in three stages –  

Stage 1: Finger-print scanning is done for each of the fingers of both the hands which takes about 20 minutes.

Stage 2:  The finger-prints are sent for analysis, and within a maximum of 3 days, a detailed Biometric Analysis Report is generated and emailed to you.

Stage 3: This includes a 1 hour of counselling session which is done by a Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant associated with Mindmatrix, who helps you to interpret this report and recommend areas that could suit you. This can be done either in person or over a phone-call.