Looking to have a fulfilling career - Ask yourself these 5 key questions

Looking to have a fulfilling career? Ask yourself these 5 key questions

On searching Google, you will probably find several articles on ‘having a fulfilling career’ or ‘a successful career’.  These words are very commonly used, but one needs to understand the very definition of ‘fulfillment’ or ‘success’ in one’s professional life. For instance, you can be successful in earning a good salary or being in a good position, and yet, not get the same satisfaction or fulfillment that you are looking for.

A job or career is fulfilling when the work you are doing resonates with your inner self

That means your Inner Values and what you stand for. From my own experience, I would say that I’ve had a successful career but after I changed my career track, it’s been very fulfilling. I have witnessed people’s lives getting touched in profound ways through the coaching I provide. When they tell me how their thinking has changed and they are able to enjoy and accomplish more, that feeling of fulfillment cannot replace any wealth in the world.

If on a Sunday evening you are looking forward to getting back to work and the week ahead, that’s when you realize that you are really enjoying what you do.

If you’re looking forward to work then you’re enjoying it

I think the keyword is ‘Enjoying what you do’. When you enjoy your work, your mind shifts from focusing on finances to complete focus on the work you are doing, and that’s where you make a difference, plus, the quality of what you do goes up.

Here are five key reflective questions that you can think of in relation to your current job:

  1. Do you love and enjoy doing your work?
  2. What are those 3 things that you like most about your current job or career?
  3. What are those 3 things that you dislike the most? What could have been different?
  4. In case you are thinking of a job or career change, are you thinking of this under pressure of a layoff, or are you looking for something different that this job does not offer? 
  5. Have you set any short-term and long-term goals for yourself that you want to achieve, and by when? 

You would have noticed that the focus of these questions was more on the inner-self, i.e. what do ‘you’ really want. Could this make your career more enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling?

What do you want? Shyam Kalle and Ryan Gosling
These questions are more focused on the inner-self – what do ‘you’ really want

As a Career Success Coach, after having worked with so many clients, I have realized that many job-change decisions are taken in haste and probably under pressure. Some even look for a career change altogether. During their coaching sessions with me, after evaluating several options, some of the clients even realize that the best option for them is to continue in the same job. In this case, what is really required is a change of perception or a change of approach to their work.

Often, a little twist in thinking provides so much change in the way you perceive differently. Why not look at it objectively and find out what do YOU really want out of your job keeping the money factor out of the equation?

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